Vision & Values

Dorsel is not Just Another Israeli Real Estate Company

Dorsel builds partnerships, builds community, and builds foundations. Our projects create collaborations, cooperations, and business relationships that benefit all of Israeli society. Dorsel is committed to constructing and establishing new assets even in places that have not yet realized their growth potential because we believe in the ability of every project to make its surroundings better.

Over the years, Dorsel has demonstrated healthy and steady growth: We at Dorsel maintain low levels of leverage and high levels of management, so the company maintains growth throughout its thirty years of operation. Alongside this, we foster personal and social relationships with most of our tenants, listening to their needs and helping them to achieve success. Every one of our projects has succeeded, and we hope to continue this way for many more years.

Furthermore, we at Dorsel will never forget who we are and where we came from. At the end of the day, we are a Jewish family in Israel. Therefore, it is important for us to support and promote weaker populations in Israel and provide them with access to education. Dorsel donates scholarships for members of the Ethiopian community at Bar Ilan University, as well as contributing to educational institutions and associations across the country. We also contribute to the strengthening and promotion of Chabad schools and youth movements through donations for the establishment and purchase of equipment for educational institutions and more.