Rental Units

The properties we established and initiated at Dorsel stay in the family and are managed by us. Since we are not only the initiators of the properties but also manage them ourselves, we can ensure that the service received by tenants in Dorsel projects will be the best in every possible aspect. Our buildings operate at the highest operational level. All aspects of Dorsel’s buildings are meticulously maintained, including all infrastructure and various safety systems in each building.

In addition, we are always available and responsive to any request or question from our tenants, and we are always open to changes and adaptations required by our tenants.

For more information please contact Mr. Maoz Chen +972-50-6666069 / Head office +972-74-7122880

Hamada 2, Yokneam

Hamada 4, Yokneam

Herut 1, Yavne

Marconi 10, Haifa (Check Center)

Marconi 10, Haifa (Check Center)

Hametzuda 31, Azur

Nahum Het 1, Tirat Carmel (Omega building)

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